Autumn Harvest

In the northern hemisphere, we just experienced the fall equinox. Things are busy and moving as we energetically prepare for the gathering of this year's work and the stillness of winter. The business is growing and finding a new and enjoyable stride. Here are some new updates:

Youtube Channel Weekly Readings, Monthly Zodiac Readings, ASMR Reiki Healings, and more being released.

Moon Ritual Videos available for $5 each on Vimeo On Demand.

Newsletter available to subscribe to if you would like in-depth update emails.

No more services available on Fiverr, Etsy, or GigSalad.

Memberships, Packages, & Gift Certificates now available to purchase under "Book a Service" options.

Patreon page is growing and the Livestreams are very fun!

Thank you for checking this out and am wishing you well! More updates soon :)